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Falcontail Offers eCommerce Services like Storefronts and Shopping Carts!

  • Last Updated July 2, 2014

"eCommerce is an amazing way to grow your business because it is available 24 hours a day seven days a week to people across the globe. There is no better way to take advantage of online traffic than a well designed eCommerce site."

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Electronic commerce or eCommerce sales that involve the transfer of information across the Internet for the purpose of making a purchase or sale are growing rapidly. Many types of businesses can benefit from eCommerce, including retail sites, auctions, wholesale companies, service businesses, online storefronts, eBusinesses and many more. Ecommerce is not only great for B2C sales but it is also a great way to sell to other businesses as well. If you are not taking advantage of eCommerce you are missing out on a great opportunity to lower costs and increase sales. It is very likely that your competitors are taking advantage of these services so if you want to thrive in the current environment you need to take advantage of this rapidly growing market to keep up. In the near future there will be no clear distinction between conventional sales and eCommerce and as such there has never been a better time to get involved in this lucrative area of commerce by creating an online storefront for your business.

At Falcontail Marketing & Design we specialize in building beautiful and functional eCommerce sites that increase sales conversions and bring customers back for repeat purchases. We can build on existing eCommerce platforms like Magento, ZenCart, OpenCart, CS-Cart, and OSCommerce or create a custom eCommerce platform for your company that fits your individual needs.

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We can build you an effective eCommerce design that also provides an amazing user experience for your customers. We can provide everything from from stunning product images, clean and efficient product pages, click to enlarge products, branded mini-cart checkouts so that you never have to leave the page to buy an item, and branded shopping carts that really give your customer the deluxe treatment. Our eCommerce solutions let you display your products in the best possible light and offer your customers a great shopping experience that will keep them coming back time and time again. Our experienced professionals can guide you through the design and implementation of eCommerce stores that are fully customized to meet your business needs. As an industry leader we can develop, implement, and maintain the perfect eCommerce store for your business as well as train you in it's use. Please Contact Us for more info.

Thanks for reading about our services. We would love to hear about your project or idea. Please feel free to Contact us or follow us on social media for more information or to say hello. Thank you from Falcontail Marketing & Design!

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Ecommerce is transforming the way business is done. In 2013 over $210 billion was spend on eCommerce purchases and that number is growing every year. Get in touch and we can help you decide if an eCommerce solution is right for your business or organization. (Contact Us)

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