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Mobile Web Apps Turn Your Website into an Application!

  • Last Updated July 1, 2014

"Traditional Mobile Applications are expensive to develop and maintain. Our special web apps can turn your website into a "super app" that works on almost any device without installation. They look great, are better for SEO and are easier to maintain."

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Traditionally, access to the Web has been limited to fixed-line services on laptops and desktop computers. However, the Web is now accessible by portable and wireless devices creating a revolution in the way people experience the web. The shift to a mobile Web access is accelerating rapidly and now there are more smart phones and tablets browsing the web than there are traditional desktops. The reason for this is that smart phones and tablets provide a better and more enjoyable experience for browsers. The problem is that this has created a separation in the industry as iPhone and Android apps started to take a lions share of the browsing time away from traditional websites. This was great for larger companies since they are the only ones who can typically afford to create these expensive and time consuming web applications. Now, however the game has changed with the introduction of mobile web apps. These apps are less expensive to make, require less maintenance, are great for SEO and don't require that the user install and update like a traditional mobile app.

There are many advantages to using web applications over traditional mobile apps;

  • are less expensive to create
  • don't need to be installed or updated by the user
  • don't require paying Apple™ or others 30% of the profits earned
  • are much better for Search Engine Optimization
  • can be updated quickly and easily
  • are accessible to small and moderate enterprises
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Falcontail is a leading Web Design and Development company that has created many mobile apps for our clients. We go out of our way to help ensure that we develop the best mobile web applications and services available. Our boutique design agency helps us keep costs low so that you can get a high-quality application for much less than other companies are charging. We pride ourselves on being reliable, transparent, customer-oriented and always friendly so that you get the best possible experience with us. An investment in a mobile web application can give you a great Return on Investment (ROI) and help you turn those valuable mobile browsers into customers. Please Contact Us for more info.

Thanks for reading about our services. We would love to hear about your project or idea. Please feel free to Contact us or follow us on social media for more information or to say hello. Thank you from Falcontail Marketing & Design!

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Mobile Web Applications are an amazing way to interact with your customers and prospects on mobile devices. They are also more affordable, easier to update, improve your search engine optimization efforts and don't require the user to install anything. (Contact Us)

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