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  • Last Updated June 31, 2014

"Social Media is a great way to communicate to customers and influencers and it can also help your Google™ ranking. We can put your social media sites to work by integrating them into your marketing and advertising strategy."

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It takes a delicate touch to combine the right mix of social media and brand building to encourage interest without wearing out your welcome on social media sites. Let our custom content be the gentle nudge that can urge customers to take a look at your company and purchase your products or services. We offer full-service packages for Twitter™, Google+™, LinkedIn™, Pinterest™, Instagram™, Tumblr™, Facebook™ and other sites. The best way to make Social Media work for you is by enlisting our help in choosing an integrated Social Media & SEO strategy. Let us show you how easy and affordable it is to create a balanced campaign that can lead to greater customer interaction, improved relationships, increased sales, and a large increase in traffic to your website.

While it is true that advertising on social media takes careful planning and timing, when done effectively and infrequently it can greatly increase traffic and turn social media into a lead generation tool. Use the power of social sharing to turn your loyal followers into paying customers and advocates of your brand. Combine our custom ads with your current social media campaigns or get them as a part of a comprehensive social media management package and start growing your pool of qualified leads today.

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Google+™: Google+ is more that just a social media site, it is a "social layer" and authorship tool that Google uses to decide which sites and authors are worth visiting. Getting Google +1s is the top way to get visits to your site. Because of the growing value of this important metric we recommend that almost every website have a Google+™ Social Media package that is tailored to your specific business or industry. Our packages make it easy to produce high quality images, blog posts, and articles that will help you connect with existing customers earn precious +1s. We provide the ideal mix of updates, back-links, news, commentary, SEO tailored content, entertainment, 300 word articles, blog posts and more all combined with just the right mix of advertising to get noticed.

Facebook™: Our Facebook™ Social Media packages are tailored to your business, industry, or event and designed to provide high quality content that will help you connect with existing customers and their friends and get likes and shares that will bring in others. You can also improve your site profile with search engines and customers with a package tailored for both. We provide the ideal mix of upbeat and informative updates, back-links, news, commentary, SEO tailored content, humor and entertainment, all combined with just the right mix of advertising to grow trust as well as influence.

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Twitter™: Twitter™ is an amazing place to reach younger consumers, early adopters, and influencers that can grow your brand and build energy with your customer base. At Falcontail we can help you grow your brand by using this rapidly growing micro-bogging site to help you communicate in real-time with customers, influencers, and most importantly the strong advocates of your brand that will bring in others. We also get you crucial back-links to grow your SEO by combining a perfect mix of upbeat banter, information, inbound links, ads, company news, relevant information, strategic re-tweets, embedded photos, all combined with just enough advertising to grow your presence and increase trust among your influencers and customers.

LinkedIn™: LinkedIn™ is an great place to grow your company's reach with professionals, businesses, and older consumers. We can help you find new contacts and grow influence by using this massive social media site to help you communicate quickly with professionals, companies, and most importantly get the word out about your products, services, and employees. We provide a mix of updates that include comments, company news, relevant 100 word mini-articles, back-links, strategic communications, photos, all combined with just enough advertising to get the attention of influencers and customers.

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We realize that there are a host of other social media sites out there and the hardest part can be deciding which site to use. Don't worry, we can help you find your niche. Whether you want to know how to best use sites social media sites like Quora™, Pinterest™, Youtube™, Flickr™, Badoo™, Meetup™, Orkut™, DeviantArt™, Tagged™, MySpace™ or other sites we offer social media and technology consulting to help you find the social networks that are best for your particular site or needs. Once we find the sites that are right for you we can decide on the best strategy to make effective posts and updates. Get started by calling or emailing us for help in choosing the strategy that is right for your business or event. Please Contact Us for more info.

Thanks for reading about our services. We would love to hear about your project or idea. Please feel free to Contact us or follow us on social media for more information or to say hello. Thank you from Falcontail Marketing & Design!

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A recent white-paper on Google Search Ranking for the top websites showed that Social Media related measurements ranked for 5 of the top 6 metrics for Google ranking. We can put your social media to work by integrating it into your overall strategy to make it easy and affordable to create and manage content while boosting your Search Engine Ranking. (Contact Us)

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