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7 Reasons to Choose a Responsive Web Design

Most of you have heard of responsive designs but in case you haven't the short version is that responsive designs use HTML5 and CSS3 to create flexible websites that transform to look great on a large number of devices without installing and maintaining an app or other program. There are many advantages to using a responsive design and we cannot cover them all here. If you want an overview; read about responsive designs. If you are already know what a responsive design is then read the top seven reasons to use a responsive design.


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Beyond Responsive Design: Tomorrows Technology

There has been a revolution in the design industry and the “mobile first” philosophy that led to responsive design has won. This ground-breaking design concept has changed the way we design websites forever. Now that we are solidly in the realm of responsive design where do we go from here? A modern responsive design has to do more than just resize a website to fit many devices. It should be an amazing work of digital art that will act as a showcase for your products and provide a compelling introduction to the business for new visitors as well as a pleasurable experience for regular users on all devices. Click here to read this article about techniques that cutting edge companies are using to take designs beyond responsive.


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The Future of Real Responsive Design

I know what you are thinking; Here we go again, another article about responsive web design and how it will take over the web someday. Well before you hit that mental snooze alarm, guess again; instead of covering the same ground and singing the praises of what responsive design is or blasting the design community for what it isn’t I am going to focus on what the future of HTML5 should look like. Click here to read about what the future of responsive web design should look like.


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Creating Your First Business Website

Designing your first website is a very exciting prospect. No one decision may impact the future of your business so profoundly as an amazing website design and there is a lot to consider in order to get it right. The purpose of this article is not to replace a professional designer but to help you to aid them in getting your design right. Often this comes down to proper planning, cooperation, and execution before the design phase begins. Remember “A great design changes everything!” and proper planning is one of the keys to a great design. Read More here.


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Why You Need a Thorough Website Analysis and Review

We offer this service for free to all of our customers as a part of the design process because we discovered that it is critical to success. As soon as we close a deal we immediately analyze and review your website's traffic, and ask some key questions about your business strategy and then we compare your goals to the existing design. After a thorough analysis we suggest possible changes that can fix problems and help your business keep pace with progress by leveraging new technologies like HTML5, responsive design, and related technologies. Read more here.



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