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Don’t Buy a Website, Hire one of these 6 Web-bots

We occasionally hear from people that they never got the things that technology promised them. While it is true that robots and flying cars are here but not available to most of us there are a few new technologies that you may not be aware of that are available. If you are a business you can take advantage this computer intelligence to put one of Falcontail’s 6 unique low cost web-bots to work and for a fraction of their human counterparts' yearly salary. Read More here.


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How HTML5 & Responsive Design will change 2014 & Beyond

Once you have made the crucial decision to get your business a new website you will need to decide on, and purchase a domain name. No offense to the esteemed Mr. Shakespeare but he never had to deal with search engines. This is an important decision, and while sometimes there will be obvious choice, other times you will need to be more creative to make sure that your profits are as sweet as they can be. If your business name isn’t available or descriptive enough it is time to begin your domain hunt. Read more here.



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(Because of HTML5) any developer with the desire and knowledge can make a great game, program, or web experience without paying anyone 30% for the privilege. (Read)

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