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Web Design Articles

Articles on Web Design

We offer a wide selection of articles on web design so that you can stay up to date on the current trends and changes in the web design industry. We offer articles on seven reasons to choose responsive design, moving beyond responsive designs, the future of web design, creating your first business website, and why you need a website analysis and review.


web development articles

Articles on Web Development

Check out or resource of articles on web development authored by Falcontail Marketing & Design. We have a wide range of subjects such as the benefits of proper code and SEO, treating your web design like a business, using advanced analytics to listen to customers, the dangers of improper SEO, and Top 5 E-Commerce Mistakes.


Marketing and Lead eneration Articles

Articles on Marketing

Our articles on marketing help you keep up with the latest advances in lead generation, email marketing, social media marketing, and automated marketing. We offer articles on marketing testing, top marketing mistakes for small businesses. Check back in a few days because we have more articles on branding planned for the near future.


Branding and Logo Articles

Articles on Branding

Branding is a very important part of running a successful business. Check out our articles on Branding 101 to get started and our article on choosing a unique domain name. Check back often because we have more articles on branding coming soon.


Articles on Technology

Articles on Technology

Our articles on technology keep you informed on the latest developments in technology for businesses. Check out our articles on responsive design versus apps and hiring a web bot to get started. Check back in the next few days because we have more articles on technology coming in the next few weeks.



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(Future Designs) will consider whether the user is on the move, their location, the time of day, their past habits, and many other points of data before it decides what content to deliver.

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