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Designing & Testing the Perfect Marketing Campaign

While there is no one "perfect marketing strategy" that works for every company we can work with you to create a custom marketing campaign that is right for you. First, we design two or more marketing plans that are targeted specifically for your company's needs. Once we have those campaigns in place we can use analytics, movement tracking, and other key points of data to A/B test and track their effectiveness to see which ones are the most successful. We then use this data to eliminate those strategies that are unsuccessful and modify the ones that are to achieve greater success. Read More here.


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The Top 5 Mistakes You Might be Making with Marketing

Every company, no matter how large or small, needs a marketing campaign that is right for their specific business needs. Many people take a one size fits all attitude to marketing but this is almost never the best approach. No matter what your core business unless you have a customized marketing campaign you are probably making some mistakes. We will cover some of the most common mistakes that companies are making when marketing themselves and their products. Read more here.


Social Media Guidelines for Teachers and Students

Social Media Guidelines for Teachers & Students

Social media is essential for all businesses and schools and daycares are no exception. Social media can help your school to build a thriving online community. There are some areas where we need to take special care to follow standards and practices to protect our children and their teachers from some sticky social situations.These guidelines are ideal for faculty, staff and administrators who create and administer social media sites however you may need to change them to suit your individual needs. In this article we cover the basics of using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on behalf of your school but these rules can apply to other social media sites. Read more here.



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We constantly track your progress using tracking software and other techniques that allow us to quickly narrow your strategy and eliminate marketing efforts that are not fruitful. (Read)

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