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Choosing Colors & a Logo: Branding 101 (Part 1)

Opening a new business is an exciting and hectic time. Sometimes in the excitement, the branding of a company is overlooked and as an owner of a small business I can understand that. The problem is, branding is a vitally important part of your business. Let me say that again in bold type. "Branding is a vitally important part of your business." In fact I will argue it is the second most important thing you should do, after creating a business plan or even better a business model canvas. Branding is vital to communicating to the customer everything from your business philosophy, your potential place in your chosen field, and your experience, and poor branding limits things like how much you can charge, who you can work for, and your company’s implied reputation (both online and offline). Read More here.


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A Domain by Another Name is Not as Sweet

Once you have made the crucial decision to get your business a new website you will need to decide on, and purchase a domain name. No offense to the esteemed Mr. Shakespeare but he never had to deal with search engines. This is an important decision, and while sometimes there will be obvious choice, other times you will need to be more creative to make sure that your profits are as sweet as they can be. If your business name isn’t available or descriptive enough it is time to begin your domain hunt. Read more here.



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Search engines do enforce penalties in your search result ranking for actions that come across as “keyword stuffing,” so it’s best to pick a name that fits your branding and let the webmaster worry about getting the site seen with legitimate content, instead of spammy tricks. (Read)

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