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Testing the Perfect Marketing Campaign

Designing & Testing the Perfect Marketing Campaign
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Article Don’t Buy a Website, Hire one of these 6 Web-bots 02

Designing & Testing the Perfect Marketing Campaign

While there is no one "perfect marketing strategy" that works for every company we can work with you to create a custom marketing campaign that is right for you

How We Plan and Track a Marketing Campaign: First, we design two or more marketing plans that are targeted specifically for your company's needs. Once we have those campaigns in place we can use analytics, movement tracking, and other key points of data to A/B test and track their effectiveness to see which ones are the most successful. We then use this data to eliminate those strategies that are unsuccessful and modify the ones that are to achieve greater success.

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Evolving Your Marketing Campaign: We can further extend the campaigns effectiveness by taking these iterations and testing them against each other in a second round so that we can continue to refine & evolve your marketing strategy for your ideal niche. This also allows us to compensate for changes in customer demands. By coordinating with you to promote events such as the launch of a product or other important event we can make your campaign sync with your company goals. We constantly track your progress using tracking software and other techniques that allow us to quickly narrow your strategy and eliminate marketing efforts that are not fruitful. We are enthusiastic about showing you how an integrated marketing campaign and tracking data can vastly improve your business.

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