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Seven Reasons to Choose Responsive

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The Top 7 Reasons to Choose a Responsive Design

Most of you have heard of responsive designs but in case you haven't the short version is that responsive designs use HTML5 and CSS3 to create flexible websites that transform to look great on a large number of devices without installing and maintaining an app or other program.

There are many advantages to using a responsive design and we cannot cover them all here. If you have never heard of responsive designs and want an overview check this out; read about responsive designs. For those of you that are familiar with responsive designs and are just not sure whether they are right for you please read on.

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1) It’s Easy to Manage: A responsive design is easier to manage than two or more separate sites. With separate sites such as a website and a mobile site you have additional SEO, advertising, and design concerns which add to the difficulty of managing a site. This is a lot like splitting your available funds for the site as your resources are drained and you have less to show for it with separate sites. Plus this still does not address the need for other sites like tablets and other devices. It also makes it nearly impossible to change a website quickly and easily. Consolidating all of your concerns into one website saves time and money that can be put into other areas. Additionally content is located on one website and one URL so it is much easier for users to share, interact with, and link to content increasing your social reach which further increases the potential viewers and revenue from your website.

2) Amazing User Experiences: A responsive website can provide an amazing user-experience across devices and screen sizes. Since it uses the screen size to serve up only the type of content needed by the device it is a sleek and efficient way to deliver content to the end-user. Since almost half of Smart-phone browsers complain about difficulty reading text and following navigation on traditional sites you need to keep these customers happy with a responsive design or they will leave and will not return.

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3) It Targets Several Lucrative Consumer Groups: The customers who browse on alternative devices like iPhone, iPads and other devices have more money to spend than traditional computer browsers. Also they have those devices, like Smart-phones and tablets, within reach a large percentage of the time and they are using them dozens of times a day, often to make purchases and purchasing decisions. Recent reports show that they are using them to buy goods and services with increasing frequency which means more potential earning from a responsive design in the future.

4) Mobile Device and Tablet Sales are Exploding: While desktop sales have been flat mobile devices and tablet sales have gone off of the charts. Mobile sales have already outpaced desktop sales and they will be the primary device in use for Internet browsing in the very near future. Tablet sales are set to out-pace smart-phones not long after. If you are only serving content to web pages your site is obsolete and you are losing potential customers.

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5) Google Loves It: Responsive Design is recommended by Google as the industry's best practice for web design. This is because responsive designs are better organized and easier for Google and the user to understand. Why should we care about this? Google has said that they make searches optimized for mobile (like responsive designs) rank higher in mobile search. That means your non-responsive site is not ranking in those valuable mobile searches. Creating content that Google likes means more visitors from organic search which means a free increase in traffic and business. Since many of your competitors are paying between $20 and $50 for a single visitor to their website it's easy to see how this can quickly save us a ton of money. Plus once these valuable mobile users arrive they will have an amazing experience thanks to our design.

6) It’s Ready for the Future: A responsive website uses the screen size instead of the device type to decide what content to serve so it offers an excellent way to deliver content to the end-user now and in the future. An app is OK now but will it serve the devices of two years from now. Since no one can predict what devices will be used in the future a responsive site is the only way to insure your site works well on many different screen sizes and potential devices, even ones that haven’t been released or even thought of yet.

A Responsive Design Can Change The Game

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7) Because You Want to Be First Not Last: You need a responsive design for the same reason you needed a non-responsive website ten years ago, to connect with your customers and influencers on the devices that they are using. You don't send your customers telegraphs any more do you. Having a web design that only works on a computer is essentially the same thing. They are no longer browsing on desktops or laptops, they are surfing on Smart TVs, smart-phones, Tablets and other devices. It takes time to build an Internet presence and if you wait until the last minute you will have a hard time standing out from the crowd. Responsive design is not the design of the future, it is the design of today and now is the time to act before it is too late. GETTING STARTED WITH A RESPONSIVE DESIGN

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