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We are a boutique design agency from Houston Texas. Our goal is to make amazing designs affordable and accessible to everyone.

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Who We Are

We each have 18 years of experience, a solid reputation, and a proven track record.

Thanks for letting us tell you a little about ourselves. We are a boutique agency of web designers from the Houston, Texas area who founded Falcontail Marketing & Design with a simple idea; we want to make interactive custom and boutique web designs affordable and easy to use so that they can be available to small businesses not just large corporations. This vision includes streamlining the web design process and making it easier to understand our customer's goals so that they can get exactly the website they need, no more and no less. Now meet our team.

We both started out as freelancers over eighteen years ago working for small businesses in and around Houston, Texas. During that time we created successful custom designs and marketing campaigns for our customers that worked hand in hand to accomplish their business goals. Along the way we have designed websites that have literally reached millions of viewers and counting. After we solidly established a reputation for excellence in the web design, branding and marketing community by creating custom web designs, creating compelling content, taking excellent photos, creating modern logos, and more we decided to start our own company to make our services more widely available. We can take your design to the next level. Get in touch for a free estimate.

We are a forward thinking group passionate about creating cutting edge websites and marketing campaigns designed to make interactive and responsive products that capture a much wider audience than their traditional counterparts. Our specialty is integrating existing business ideas and adapting technology to create websites that fit the way companies are already doing business. In practical terms we help our customers move towards their goals such as generating sales leads through their website or social media presence, selling their products Online, helping customers to gain the information they need to make a purchase, and much more. For more suggestions on your particular business or market please contact us for a free estimate.

Our deeply held belief is that your website or marketing campaign should be easier to use, more interesting, more interactive, and should help you solve problems that used to require a person to accomplish. It should also be designed and marketed in a way that brings you more customers! Our ultimate goal is to help you improve your bottom line and increase profitability through a compelling and interactive site design and marketing strategy. We combine engaging modern web designs, thought provoking and expertly crafted marketing, tech savvy and forward-thinking branding, and design skills like photography and the ability to research and deliver relevant content that matters to you, your customers and your influencers. Get in touch for a more information.

We Are Excellent At

Web design 100%

Web Development 97%

Marketing 99%

Design/Art 98%

Core Values


We believe everything starts with being honest and having strong moral principals.


We truly love what we do and we believe that it shows in everything that we create.


Creativity is the fuel that drives our passion for helping the customers and users.


Without proper planning our previous and future success would not be possible.


Our business takes dedication to our customers that requires constant attention.


Talent is the key to achieving high levels of success in design and marketing.

Meet The Team

Co-Founder, Web Designer, Developer, Programmer, Graphic Designer,

David Landriault

Co-Founder, 19 years Experience

Co-Founder, Web Designer, Photographer, Management, Graphic Designer,

Christy Landriault

Co-Founder, 18 years Experience

Our interns are the best and the brightest!

Our Team

We hire only the best and brightest!

Get in Touch and let us show you how we can take your business to the next level.

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About Our Services

Falcontail Marketing & Design of Houston Texas

We offer a wide range of services such as web design, web development, UI/UX, hosting, SEO, consultation, lead generation, email marketing, social media marketing, automated marketing, Logos, Photography, Branding and Content Creation.

Experience & Skills:
  • 12 Years of Freelancing
  • 2 years Running a Cutting-Edge Design Firm
  • We have a knack for solving complex problems
  • We can communicate complex ideas simply

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Web Design

We specialize in responsive web designs which are a "super app" that uses modern technology to transform based on the device on which they are viewed. Custom responsive designs are a special skill that many designers have not mastered. We have dedicated many years to their study and have in depth knowledge of these cutting-edge designs.

Talents and Skills:
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Mobile Web Apps
  • Website Redesigns

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Web Development

We have trained extensively in content management, E-Commerce, database integration, web apps, social media integration, and site maintenance.

Special Skills:
  • Joomla and Wordpress
  • Social Media API and Icon Integration
  • E-Commerce Storefronts
  • Advanced Analytics

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Marketing Services

We use cutting-edge marketing techniques such as social media marketing, email marketing, automated marketing and lead generation to bring your business into the modern age and help you not only keep up with competitors but surpass them.

Special Talents
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Automation of Marketing
  • Lead generation

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We have a wide range of design skills, from photography, logo creation, branding, Content Creation and More. Our goal is to master all of the skills it takes to create amazing web designs, marketing campaigns and social media efforts.

Special Talents
  • Professional Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Creation
  • Branding and Logos

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David and Christy were amazing. We were connected to them for our Stanford conference in May 2014. I would definitely work with them again!

David Ngo
Conference Director Stanford University D4D

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Mark J. Kelly
Attorney at Law Mark J. Kelly Law Firm.

David and Christy did an outstanding job with our website and social media. We get around 6000 visits a month without paying a cent for our traffic.

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