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Meet Our Co-Founder David Landriault

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Meet Our Co-Founder David Landriault

  • Last Updated June 30, 2014

I am the co-founder, lead web designer, developer, UX/UI designer, marketing expert, and consulting expert for Falcontail Responsive Web Design."

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I am passionate about solving complex problems for businesses through the intelligent use of responsive web and screen designUX/UI design and programmingcontent creation, marketing, consulting, and web development. I have founded several other companies but my true passion lies in creating cutting edge web designs that use advanced metrics to create a web experience that is intuitive, engaging, and profitable. We spend an enormous amount of time looking at websites so they should be both beautiful and highly functional. I truly believe that a better Internet experience makes for a better world both on and off-line.

  • I have 19 years of Experience in Web Design & Development
  • I have founded several small companies
  • I extensive experience in content creation
  • I have run dozens of marketing campaigns for businesses like yours
  • I am an expert in responsive web design
  • I created a cutting edge design for Stanford University
  • I can created moving and profitable user experiences
  • I am experienced in behavior design strategies
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A lot of things led up to the decision to co-found a web design company that specializes in solutions for small and moderate enterprises (SME). The most important event happened early in my career. I started my professional life running a small HVAC business near Houston TX where, in 1999, my partner and I introduced a sophisticated web design, Internet advertising, web presence, SEO, viral sales strategies, and many "cutting edge" technologies that are now standard practice at most modern companies. We did this to great success and to the acclaim of our fellow owners. These decisions payed off and our business was, at least by our standards at the time, a great success.

I also found that I took great pleasure in my creation and the ability to level the playing field for my business against major players in the industry. Thus my passion for web design was born. Since then I have designed websites for dozens of businesses and interests including a design for Stanford University and gotten a crash course in "what works and doesn't work" in the real world of online business and Internet sales. I have built sites that received almost one million visitors a year and many other very successful sites for a variety of industries. In 2011 I realized that there was a huge change coming in web design. I took two years off to experiment with new persuasive technologies and learn cutting edge techniques like responsive design and UX/UI. These techniques were just becoming easily accessible in web design with the introduction of HTML5 but are now the latest standard. Before long Christy and I had a plan that would allow us to bring those designs to the small businesses that need them to thrive and the idea for Falcontail Marketing & Design became a reality in late 2012. Please Contact Us for more info.

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I don't succeed unless you do. I have the experience, training, and vision to help you bring your design into the 21st century and beyond. While few designers have mastered the most modern techniques like responsive web design I spent two years learning them so that I can offer these cutting-edge designs to small businesses and moderate enterprises like yours. (More)

David Landriault
Co-Founder Falcontail

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